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News and Announcements / CINT Commander I Software Update 3/31
« Last post by 836Admin on March 31, 2015, 12:55:44 pm »
CINT Commander™ v5.25 - 03/31/2015 - This update addresses an identified bug which was occasionally causing a landline call to be prematurely disconnected. This will be the final update for the CINT Commander 1 software system (excluding any further fixes). This version will not require that you update Satellite computers. Uninstall previous versions of CINT Commander™ before installing this version.

Please visit the DOWNLOADS page to get this new update.
News and Announcements / CINT Commander II Software Update 3/17
« Last post by 836Admin on March 30, 2015, 12:35:47 pm »
CINT Commander II™ v1.08 - 03/17/2015 - This update includes numerous fixes along with several additions to the code. New faster streaming algorithms will allow audio streaming on older laptops. Pretext functions added. New Evidence Reviewer written and added (placed on Evidence CDs). Additional functionality added to the Satellite Program.

CINT Satellite II™ v6.04 - 03/17/2015 - Additional functionality added to the CINT Satellite II™ Program

NOTE: Before installing this update, be sure to UNINSTALL any previous versions of the CINT Commander II™ and CINT Satellite II™!

Go to the DOWNLOADS page to get it!
News and Announcements / Please read and register
« Last post by 836Admin on March 23, 2015, 04:48:39 pm »
Due to the covert nature of our products, we require everyone to register for our forum prior to allowing them to view the information contained within. After entering your information, your account will be reviewed and you will receive an email when your account is approved. In order to speed up the approval process, we ask that you use your department email when registering for an account whenever possible.

If you have any questions regarding registering for our forum, feel free to contact Brian Freeman at
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